Hair Removal

by Rachel Bhan

Hair removal is a technique typically followed by women. The intensity of hair developed depends on the race and heredity also plays a role. Hair is removed by two ways, namely, epilation and depilation. Epilation is the method of removing hair from below the skin's surface, thereby allowing a slow recurrence. Epilatory treatments include tweezing, electrolysis and waxing. Hair follicles are annihilated by electrolysis technique. Although, waxing is a famous procedure followed by many women, shaving is preferred, as the latter is a painless technique. Depilation indicates the removal of hair from the periphery or the surface of the skin. Chemical hair removal creams and razors are typical examples.

Authorized laser clinics are preferred for hair removal through laser. This treatment is better done in a salon designed for such procedures and those that are well equipped. Complete removal of hair is not visualized with laser. Many a people experience long lasting removal or reduction in regrowth, through laser hair removal technique. Light at specific wavelength is transmitted at the areas to be removed. It affects the substances that are dark and hence the hair is attacked. Both mechanical and thermal damage to the hair destroys the follicle.A carbon based lotion, such as, chromophore is applied on the skin. The carbon is heated in a repeated manner by the beam of light from the laser, resulting in a shock wave of energy. This, in turn, damages the adjacent or surrounding cells.

An anesthetic or cold pack is helpful in case of pain, though a spray proves beneficial. Recurring hair is soft, in contrary to the coarse initial hair.Laser works effectively in individuals with light skin color, rather than those with dark skin color. Blond and light colored hair are the most painful to remove. Eumelanin is the pigment seen in dark hair. This absorbs more amount of laser energy. Pheomelanin is the pigment present in light colored hair. Hair removal by laser is achieved maximum at the back, chest, lip, under arms, bikini line and neck. Treatment with laser beam is quiet effective after a few initial sittings, due to the growth of hair in various stages. Waxing is avoided, during the course of laser treatment, as it becomes problematic in identifying the follicles.

Calcium thioglycolate is the chemical seen in depilatory creams. Irritation to the skin and burns are common symptoms of over usage. IPL or intense pulsed light is broadband light. They are also referred to as intense light source (ILS) and ipl differs from laser, based on the shape of the beam and the type of light.

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