I have unwanted hair on chest, stomach, legs & hands. I have waxed twice on stomach. Please give me a home remedies as I want a permanent hair removal solution?

Using electrolysis for permanent hair removal can be painful and also expensive depending on the size of the area that needs hair removal. Home remedies are cheaper, easy to prepare and do not carry the risk of any side effects unlike other treatment methods. The most natural permanent hair removal remedy is a mixture of turmeric powder, gram flour and water. This paste should be applied to the face and allowed to dry. On drying it can be rubbed off gently to get rid of excess hair.

Scrubbing your hands and legs regularly with a pumice stone while bathing can also help get rid of unwanted hair. This remedy may take some time but it will work gradually to diminish body hair. A mixture of honey, lemon and sugar is one of the best permanent hair removal remedies. The heated mixture can be applied on the hands, legs, chest or stomach with the help of a butter knife. Then using a strip of cellophane paper or fabric it needs to be pulled off quickly in the opposite direction of the hair growth. This technique pulls out the hair from its roots and may be a bit painful but guarantees good results.

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What are the best chest hair removal options for men?

One of the common male chest hair removal techniques is waxing. This process involves spreading hot wax on the area to be waxed and then applying a strip of cloth or cellophane paper on the waxed area and pulling it in the opposite direction of the hair growth to remove unwanted chest hair. Instead of wax, a mixture of sugar, honey and lemon can also be used for this purpose. This technique provides the best chest hair removal for men as it pulls out the hair from the roots and can get rid of all unwanted hair in minutes.

Electrolysis on the other hand is one of the permanent hair removal methods which both men and women can use to eliminate unwanted body hair. In this method the root of the hair itself is destroyed but its effectiveness can vary from person to person. This method can also be painful and is definitely more expensive as compared to natural methods like waxing. Laser treatment can also be used for male chest hair removal where a laser beam is used to kill hair follicles. Athletes very commonly use this method of permanent hair removal. This treatment is however quite expensive but definitely guarantees permanent hair removal.

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Suggest some good home remedies to remove tummy hair?

One of the easiest methods of stomach hair removal is shaving. However this is just a temporary hair removal technique and the shaved hair does grow back in a couple of days. Many people also use hair removal creams to get rid of hair on their tummy. In comparison to these two methods, waxing stomach hair is definitely a better option as it pulls out the hair from its roots and the effects stay on longer. Moreover waxing regularly also makes the hair growth thinner and softer. Instead of using conventional wax many people also prefer using home made sugar syrup which is a combination of lemon juice, sugar and honey. Using a pumice stone to gently rub the stomach area is also an effective way of getting rid of stomach hair and the effects of this method last much longer than shaving.

One of the best stomach hair removal remedies is applying a paste of turmeric, gram flour and water on the stomach area and allowing it to dry. After it dries, it should be gently rubbed off using circular motions to get rid of unwanted stomach hair. These days many people are also opting for laser treatments and electrolysis for permanent hair removal.

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Tips to remove unwanted hairs on chin?

The best and easiest way to remove unwanted chin hair is plucking or tweezing. If there are only a couple of hairs on the chin it may be best to get rid of them with a pair of tweezers. This method might be slightly painful but gives you the desired results immediately. Some people even use hair removal creams to eliminate chin hair. However some creams may have side effects and damage the skin. Therefore it is best to check with your doctor before using any such creams. Another good chin hair removal home remedy is homemade wax which is a mixture of lemon juice, sugar and water. This method is particularly effective for people who have more hair on the chin area. Waxing with this mixture eliminates chin hair and also reduces the growth of hair on the chin. A mixture of honey and lemon juice can be applied on the chin or even the entire face to get rid of unwanted hair. This mixture should be rubbed in the direction of the hair growth and rinsed off after 15 minutes. This is a good home remedy for chin hair removal for women which should be repeated at least twice every week.

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It is common to have a bit of body hair. Body hair or androgenic hair results from the secretion of the hormone androgen and there is an increase of this body hair after puberty. Men have more body hair than women as the level of androgen in their body is higher than that of androgen in women. However, some women also have quite a lot of body hair especially on the legs, arms, underarms, back and chest. A light duvet of hair is not much of a problem. However, excessive hair can be quite ungainly, especially if you want to wear clothes that reveal these parts of the body. We are culturally conditioned to want to see our women with less body hair and our men with more body hair. Nowadays even a few men are opting to be 'hairless'. There are many unwanted hair removal methods.

Home remedies for hair removal include shaving, waxing, tweezing, bleaching, plucking or using depilatory creams. Shaving is done by using a razor. You need to moisturize the skin before you start shaving. Shaving cream, a soap, water or body gels are commonly used moisturizers. It is a mistaken belief that shaving thickens hair growth. The hair only looks thicker and coarser when it grows back as it grows back blunt and not with tapered hair. Unwanted hair removal at home can also be done by tweezing or plucking with the help of a good tweezer, a good mirror and sufficient light. However, tweezing can take a long time. It is a good home remedy for hair removal on the upper lip and the eyebrows.

Wax hair removal at home is a good option, as it is pretty quick. This method removes hair from the roots and large areas of the body can be waxed in one shot. During waxing either hot or cold wax is applied with the help of a spatula or a butter knife to the area to be epilated. Then a piece of hard cloth or a special wax strip is put on this area. This strip is smoothed carefully and is pulled out in one single quick motion in the direction opposite to that of hair growth, thus removing the hair from the follicles. Wax hair removal however can be done only if the hair is not very tiny, but when done properly it keeps your body hairless for quite some time. Ready to use wax strips that come with the wax on them are other options.

Using depilatory creams or bleaching products are other unwanted hair removal home remedies. In case of depilatory creams, the hair is not removed from its roots and therefore grows back quickly as in the case of shaving. As for bleaching, there is no hair removal done here. It only hides the hair because the hair pigment is bleached out by the bleach.

Body hair removal has been practiced in many cultures since time immemorial. Sugar wax is a natural hair removal remedy. Sugar and lemon juice are heated together to make a wax-like liquid. This forms one of the effective home remedies for hair removal on legs and arms. Unwanted hair removal naturally can also be done using wild turmeric, yogurt, milk cream and chickpeas flour. Home remedies for hair removal permanently do not really exist. Waxing regularly is believed to reduce the hair growth because each time you wax you are causing damage to the hair follicle. However, there is no guarantee that you can get fully rid of all your body hair.

Permanent hair removal treatment also exists. You may opt for this. However, this can turn out to be quite expensive depending on the surface of the area you need 'cleaned'. Electrolysis and Laser are the two principal permanent hair removal methods. In electrolysis, an ultra-thin needle is inserted into the hair follicle and electric current is applied to the follicle. This burns the root of the hair thus preventing it from making new hair grow. However, this treatment also comes with its drawbacks such as pain, infection and pigmentation problems. Laser treatment is more recent and is supposedly more effective. However, it is only most effective in the case of lighter skinned people with dark hairs. Laser hair removal at home is also being made possible nowadays. However research is still underway about its effectiveness. In case of both electrolysis and laser, it is important to get it done from the right kind of beauty specialist or doctor. Moreover, one session is not enough for hair removal. Depending on the hair growth and thickness, the number of sessions will vary from individual to individual.

It is important to make a distinction between hair reduction and hair removal. Some remedies and treatment only reduce the amount of body hair and are smartly advertised as hair removal methods.

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Before waxing, opening the pores by steaming helps. This gets rid of removing hair from the roots. Bleaching is an easy and painless technique. Chamomile tea with lemon juice helps. Turmeric powder paste application is an age old remedy, requiring time.

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