by Rachel Bhan

Hydrotherapy involves the usage of water in the healing of diseases or ailments or is referred to as water therapy. Effects of temperature, such as those in saunas, body wraps and hot baths is also utilized in the case of hydrothermal therapy. The rejuvenating and healing effect of hydrotherapy depends on the thermal and mechanical effect. The body reacts to the pressure of the water and hot and cold stimuli. This sends nerve impulses, deep down the skin, thereby triggering the flow of blood, revitalizing digestion and increases the synthesis of stress hormones, thereby relieving from cramps.

A hot bath proves beneficial in the case of stress and muscle tension. For destressing, a hot bath followed by a cold shower is rejuvenating and freshening. A state of weightlessness is experienced, when in a pool or in water. The gravitational pull is no longer available, thereby relieving the body. Both hydrothermal therapy and hydrotherapy boosts the immunity and circulation. Water triggers the spinal reflexes and soothes the heart, endocrine, stomach and lung.

A physician’s guidance is recommended if an individual possesses the capability of impaired temperature, causing them to scald. Body wraps and hot packs to the legs are avoided in diabetics. If the problem persists, take the physicians’ advice. Individuals suffering from hyper or hypotension, diabetes and multiple sclerosis are not recommended long sauna baths. Pregnant women are also not advised. Individuals suffering from pelvic swelling, bladder irritation and rheumatism should avoid a cold bath.

Immersion baths and saunas are not recommended for youngsters and for old people. Endorphins are chemical substances, triggered by the humans and this natural therapy helps in alleviating muscle pain, fatigue, insomnia, aching joints, tension and sciatica. The hydrobath synthesizes many bubbles. These bubbles have a rejuvenating effect and soothens the body from all tension and stress. It increases mobility and improves circulation. Fragrant bath oils are used in these baths to give a scintillating effect.

The oxygen and other nutrients are transferred to the various organs, thereby enhancing circulation. Lymph drainage improves, resulting in toxin clearance. Immunity is enhanced, increasing the body’s resistance to all kinds of bacterial or viral infection. Stress based complications and ailments are common, of late. Migraine, hypertension, depression and indigestion are typical symptoms. Sweat glands play a vital role in toxin riddance and the hydrobath increases their efficacy, thus releasing the toxin. Hydrotherapy is a healthy and painless procedure, helping in revitalization and de-stressing.

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