Kidney Stones in Children

by Carol Gomes

Kidney stones are typically a case for most adults, but today, there have been cases of development among the children. The following provides a brief discussion as to how and why kids develop this kind of matter. Also, this discusses the use of metabolic evaluation to counter the metabolic disorder to help prevent the development of kidney stones.

The Development

Cases of children having kidney stones have been on the rise today. This is so since kids of today suffer the lack of physical activity and often prefers to stay at home to watch television or play some online games. Another factor that contributes to the development of kidney stones is the matter of food intake. Dieting provides a lot of difference when it comes to this case, since excessive intake of salty foods, processed and refined foods and the deficiency in water intake can cause the development of kidney stones.

School-aged children and premature babies are the targets of the condition. Moreover, the case of getting kidney stone development to premature babies is caused by their medications that thwart the balance of minerals that they have in their urine.


The major type of kidney stone that doctors have found out is the calcium stones. In this matter, children suffer an excruciating pain caused by the urinary obstruction. There can also be a case of nauseas and vomiting as well as the typical back pain. Young children experience vague symptoms and they might not be able to determine which area is causing them pain. For these kids, the blood in their urine is actually a key component, and any youngster that is suffering pain together with blood in their urine, should be properly evaluated.

Predisposition of Forming Kidney Stones

A child with a kidney stone history who may have attained a urologic disease or surgery is actually at risk. Basically, this condition that results in the impediment of urine can promote uncharacteristic drainage of urine and this could pose danger. Those children who also have prolonged immobilization may be vulnerable since their bones are stationary and they’re unable to regenerate properly for themselves and results to their calcium being washed into the system. Also, genetic risks can be adamant.


Treating of the kidney stones on children is based on the location, composition, number and size of the located stone/s. In most cases, children can actually pass stones without the required surgery since they can pass those stones that can be relatively large, compared to the adults. In some cases, the popular treatment known as ESWL can be used to remove the stone/s. This method uses a lithotripter to send out shockwaves through the body and fragment the located stone/s. This is actually considered as the invasive treatment.

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