Pain killer for kidney stones?

Kidney stones are quite a common problem, and at times despite being present for many years, they may show no visible symptoms. Kidney stones are basically crystallised minerals that get lodged in kidney tissue. The symptoms only become noticeable as they grow in size, becoming large enough to form an obstruction to the urine flowing through the urethra. The symptoms can include excruciating pain, tenderness over the kidney, increased and painful urination, nausea, fever, chills, blood in the urine, and extreme exhaustion.

Diet plays the most important role in overcoming this condition and it would be best to avoid processed foods, coffee, red meat, and antacids. A diet with excess of protein or calcium, can also contribute to the formation of kidney stones. There are a number of natural measures that can help reduce the pain with passing of the stone and also prevent the formation of new stones.

Marshmallows are widely regarded as being effective in dealing with kidney stones. Marshmallow is an anti-inflammatory herb and a gentle demulcent, and will significantly reduce the pain. If the blockage is caused by calcium oxalate stones lemon juice can help tremendously as this will acidify the urine, easing the passage of the stones.

answered by G M

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