Comfortable Breast Feeding Positions

by Sam Malone

If you are a first-time-mom, it is only natural for you to find breastfeeding a bit difficult, awkward and uncomfortable at first. Fortunately, breastfeeding should get easier with practice. When it comes to positions for nursing your baby there are two main factors that you need to keep in mind. The first is that you should be comfortable and the second your baby should be able to latch on to your breast easily. There are quite a few comfortable breast feeding positions that should be suitable for both, you and your little one. Try out all positions and then stick to the one that you and your baby most prefer. In whichever position you choose, you'll need to make sure that your little one can tilt his head back a bit, while he feeds. Mentioned below are some tips that will help you nurse your baby properly and comfortably:

  • The Side-lying Hold: Lie down on a soft surface like a bed and make your baby lie down in front of you, facing you, so that your bodies are parallel to each other. Expose your breast and bring your baby's head close to it, so that he can latch on and start feeding. Use your arm and your hand to support your baby's head. This position is excellent for you, in case you have had a cesarean.
  • The Cross-cradle Hold: Sit in a comfortable chair, or recline on a bed, placing a soft pillow on your lap. Support your baby's head and body with the hand and arm opposite to the breast he is about to feed from. When you give your baby the other breast to feed from, change your arm and hand.
  • The Cradle Hold: Sit down in a chair or recline on a bed, with a soft pillow on your lap. Place your baby on your lap and allow him to feed. Hold his body and head with the same arm as the breast he is feeding from.
  • The Football Hold: Sit on a chair or recline on a bed and place a soft pillow on your lap for additional comfort and support. Hold your baby by your side, bending your elbow so that your baby's back rests on your forearm. Use that hand to support your little one's head and guide his face towards your breast (which should be on the same side as the arm holding your baby). You can use your other hand to support your breast, making it easier for your little one to latch on.

These tips on breastfeeding poses are quite safe if followed correctly, but it is best to check with a doctor before trying any of them.

In case you are breastfeeding after having undergone a breast augmentation surgery (implants) your nipples may be less or more sensitive than usual. You may also experience a few problems while breastfeeding, like exaggerated engorgement, mastitis, pain, fever and chills.

However, this does not mean that you can't breastfeed your little one. Speak with your baby's doctor about the type of surgery you've been through and observe your little one's weight gain, to make sure that he is getting enough milk each day.



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