I am breast feeding .What can i do for sinus pressure?

Sinus pressure is referred to the pain which is caused due to the inflamed sinus cavity which can also be blocked or infected and packed with mucus. Sinus pressure can be caused due to sinus infection, colds, flu or allergens. It is very important to drain the mucus from the sinus cavities to get relief from the caused pressure. Try the following home remedies to relieve your pressure

  • Encourage yourself to eliminate mucus. Mix ginger powder in honey and make a thick paste take this 3- 4 times in a day.
  • Take hot water steam regularly with added vaporizer or carom seeds. This will also help to open your blocked nose and help soothe sinus pressure.
  • Increase the consumption of fluids in the form of boiled water, vegetable soups, chicken broths that will help to moisten and thin mucus.
  • Limit the consumption of dairy products as they are more mucus forming. Also make a note of other food stuff that you are allergic to, and avoid its consumption
  • Avoid smoking; even passive smoke inhalation can worsen the infection and may have effects on the baby.

answered by S P

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