Hordeolum Treatment

by Sam Malone

What is hordeolum?

Medical experts refer to a hordeolum as a focal infection, which involves either the Zeis glands or the meibomian glands. In simple words, hordeolum can be described as a disorder in which external styes, affect the eyelid. When the Zeis glands are affected, the styes are external and the infection is known as Hordeolum externum. In case the disorder is in the meibomian glands, the condition is called internal hordeolum. Even though this disorder can affect people of all ages, it is more common in adults, than it is in children. In most cases a stye (hordeolum) disappears on its own, without any hordeolum treatment. However, because a stye can lead to a lot of discomfort and pain, there are several methods that people adopt to relieve their discomfort.

Causes and Diagnosis

Most people consider styes as eye allergies symptoms. However, there are other causes of hordeolum too, such as poor eye hygienic measures. A condition known as blephartis, which is a chronic eye infection could also cause a hordeolum stye to form.

Before going in for any form of hordeolum treatment it is important to undergo a diagnosis and confirm the condition. The doctor may need to examine the eyelid using a light as well as a magnifying device for examining the eyelid. At times, the medical health expert may also test the eye for bacteria by collecting a small sample for pus. This is useful for identifying which bacteria have caused the infection as well as the antibiotics that can be used to treat the condition.


Although a stye usually disappears on its own, there are certain treatments that can be used for the ones that are persistent. Medical hordeolum treatment consists of antibiotics that can be used in the pill or the tablet form, in case the infection spreads and persists beyond the eyelid. In case a stye is filled with pus and does not seem to rupture on its own, the doctor may need to drain the stye with a lance to relieve the pain and pressure.

Apart from medical hordeolum treatment, people are also advised to use home remedies and make a few lifestyle changes, to relieve the condition. First of all, it is essential to leave the stye alone; disturbing it could cause the swelling and inflammation to spread and worsen. One of the most effective ways of relieving the pain is by placing a warm compress or washcloth over the eye. This exercise should be practiced at least 4 to 5 times a day. People suffering from hordeolum should avoid wearing contact lenses or any form of eye make up, till the stye goes away.

It is also important to follow strict hygienic measures, so that the infection can be prevented. People are usually advised to wash their hands with warm water and soap before touching their eyes. The use of cosmetics should be carefully monitored and the cosmetics that have crossed their expiry date. People who use contact lenses should ensure that they change the lenses on a regular basis or at least have them disinfected frequently. In case a person is suffering from Blephartis, the doctor's instructions regarding the eyes should be followed carefully.

Hordeolum vs Chalazion

Many people confuse hordeolum with chalazion, even though both the conditions are quite different. A stye in hordeolum usually represents an acute focal infection, whereas in chalazion the reactions are generally chronic and non infectious. In most cases, chalazia will have evolved from internal hordeolum.

In most cases, a stye hordeolum is harmless and does not have an adverse effect on a person's eyesight. Hence, it is perfectly fine to use self care measures for treating the eyelid styes. However, in case the stye does not go within a week, it may be best to consult a doctor.

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