Benefits of Running

by Sharon Hopkins

Running could be an interesting recreation and brings along with it a number of health benefits. Off late running has become very popular with most people because it helps you burn calories faster and more easily than planning a long workout routine or going for aerobic classes. Apart from being comparatively less expensive, it is an easy activity that is an option anytime, all you need is your running shoes and the will power to follow a trail for 15-20 minutes in a day.

Running Daily

The benefits of running daily are that it is an easy and effective way of working out. Setting aside half an hour in the day for a run not only helps you to cut down on the calories but also tones your muscles and keeps you fit. Another benefit of running is that it cuts down the chances of being prone to heart diseases, hypertension or diabetes. There are many benefits of running in the mornings, just after a sound sleep. Running not only helps your body to work harder to lose the extra flab but also helps in stretching and strengthening your muscles and helping you become fresh and energetic to face the day ahead of you. With most people holding demanding jobs they hardly get time to work out so setting time out for running everyday in the mornings would be beneficial for them. Such people would also understand the benefits of running on a treadmill or running in place as it is easier and safer and moreover it also helps to save time.

The benefits of running versus walking are that it definitely burns up more calories and does more to strengthen and tone the muscles. One of the added benefits of running, jogging and running marathons is that other than helping to reduce weight it helps to strengthen your immune system and reduces the chances of diseases. Other than these benefits it also makes you feel good and in control of your day if you spend some time running. It helps to empower you and raises your self esteem. It is a great way to de-stress and unwind not just in your body but also in your mind. It helps to keep your mind focused and active at all times. Benefits of running barefoot help to keep all the tissues and muscles of your feet active and strengthen them. The insteps in your feet often need support but it is said that running without shoes is one way of making them stronger and less prone to inflammation and weakening.

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