Gum Infection Home Remedies

by Sam Malone

Gum infection is observed in individuals in the form of redness of the gums, swelling, tender or bleeding gums, chronic bad breath, toothache and so on. One of the common forms of gum infection is gingivitis which may be caused by alcohol abuse, nutritional deficiency, use of tobacco, smoking cigarettes and other such activities. One of the most effective gum infection home remedies is to rinse or gargle one';s mouth with some lukewarm water to which two tablespoons of salt have been added. This procedure should be conducted at least twice a day daily till there is a complete reduction in the pain associated with gum infection. Similarly, another one of the gum infection home remedies is to apply some clove or cinnamon oil directly onto the affected gums which helps in reducing the pain and the infection. One many also prepare a paste of peroxide and clove oil and apply this mixture onto the infected gums. Similarly, consuming a mixture of warm water and cinnamon is also one of the effective gum infection home remedies.

Gum infection home remedies also include the consumption of plenty of garlic in the person';s daily diet as garlic is known to be an effective natural pain killer which also has anti bacterial properties. Garlic may also be crushed into a paste and mixed with some rock salt before applying the same on the infected gums. Gum infection home remedies include applying an ice pack to help reduce the swelling that may be caused by the infection as ice is a highly effective anti inflammatory agent. A home remedy to get rid of the bacteria that causes the gum infection is to mix ½ a teaspoon of peroxide power in ½ a cup of warm water and then rinse ones mouth with it. Similarly, a natural treatment for gum infection is to mix a teaspoon of fresh lemon juice and some salt and apply this mixture on the infected gums. Otherwise one can also drink lemon juice that is prepared with some warm water which is known to be effective in reducing gum pain. Aloe vera juice is another natural food that is known to be one of the effective gum infection home remedies as it tends to effectively cure gum infection. Aloe vera juice can either be consumed directly or some aloe vera gel may be applied on the infected gums. Including apples in one';s daily diet is also beneficial in curing and preventing gum infection as apples contain certain nutrients that make the gums firmer and stronger.

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