Remedies for infected tooth and swollen gums

The first and most obvious suggestion that anyone would give would be to get a medical examination from a dentist. This would be advisable despite you mentioning that you have no money right now and no insurance either. The reason for this is that the ailment you have described sounds like a very bad and serious tooth infection. If you do not manage to get yourself examined and medicated now, there is a very strong possibility that you may end up aggravating your condition. This will result in you having to pay at least 20 times the amount, since an infected tooth can also require to be removed to prevent the infection from spreading to your other teeth. However, before you do this, there are a couple of things you can try in order to remove the pus and find some element of relief. One of the most highly effective home remedies is to take a used and chilled tea bag and place it on the tooth. People have actually reported finding a plug of mucus on the tea bag when they remove it after about half an hour. Tea contains tannin, an acid has a tendency to draw out the pus and reduce inflammation. Since you seem to be experiencing a gum swelling, this method should also work for you.

In order to sanitize the area, you can use hydrogen peroxide to rinse out your mouth several times a day. Mix equal quantities of Hydrogen Peroxide and water and use this as an oral rinse. This will help by killing surface bacteria and may also help by penetrating the gums and removing any particles that may be lodged in. You can also try to use organic vinegar for the same purpose. While there is no guarantee that this will eliminate your infection and rid you of it from the root, you will definitely find some relief using this method. Another really effective method you can use is to make a wad of turmeric powder and clarified butter and tuck it in the space between your cheek and the gum. Make sure this is a tight wad, which you will be able to do by controlling the quantity of clarified butter you add to the powder. The turmeric powder has anti septic properties and if you have sepsis in your tooth, this will be taken care of by this method. A combination of both the products also helps with healing the area.

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