Natural home remedies for thyroid gland infection

Home Remedies that are effective for thyroid gland problems

  • Kelp Sea Weed is rich in antioxidants and iodine.  It aids in the functioning of thyroid glands.
  • Spirulina is remedial for assisting the thyroid function.
  • Vitamin B Complex enhances the cellular oxygenation and helps the thyroid function.
  • Primrose Oil has essential fats that are beneficial for the thyroid function.
  • Bladderwrack contains iodine and is proven remedy for hypothyroidism.
  • Black Cohosh is a herb that helps in balancing estrogen levels. It is considered to be remedial in thyroid conditions.
  • Black walnut contains manganese and organic iodine that nourish and strengthen thyroid function.

Some tips that will aid in the proper functioning of the thyroid gland

  • Exercise regularly and increase your daily physical activity.
  • Lead a cheerful life and deal effectively with stress.
  • Consume foods rich in vitamin A like eggs, carrots, yellow and dark green vegetables.
  • Increase the intake of iodine rich foods, as it helps nourish the thyroid. Fish, seaweeds and sea vegetables provide the nourishment essential for the functioning of the glands.
  • Take a low calorie diet and cut down on foods that are low in nutrients and high in calories. Avoid foods like biscuits, sweets, cakes and carbonated soft drinks.

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To safely combat thyroid infections an important herb known as kelp weed is known to be one of the best antioxidants around. Moreover the presence of iodine in kelp weed helps to balance the abnormality of the thyroid function. Intake of spirulina is also a great health booster and very useful for sustaining overall health. Have vitamin B complex supplements or foods rich in vitamin B. The complex vitamin greatly assists in digestion and enhances cellular activity which gets hampered during a thyroid infection.

For proper thyroid function evening primrose oil is another effective thyroid remedies. This essential fatty acid is if taken for longer durations, is known to correct unnatural thyroid developments. While it is necessary to look out for home remedies to combat an infection, care must be taken to see that the diet also complements the therapy. Foods rich in calcium, iron, zinc, copper, manganese is a must for an active metabolism and also for proper running of metabolic reactions in the thyroid. Consume low calorie foods which are also high in nutrients and keep off from white flour products and alcoholic drinks. Exercise also brings back to normalcy most functions impaired by an infection of the thyroid. Physical activity needs to be consciously increased keeping in mind the importance it plays in regulating thyroid functions.

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