Prevent Achilles Tendonitis

It may not be possible for you to prevent Achilles Tendonitis completely, but you can reduce the risk of suffering from this inflammation, by:

  • Increasing your Activities Slowly: If you are planning to start a new exercise program, make sure that it is not too intense at the beginning. Start off slowly and then steadily increase the intensity and duration of the training.  
  • Engaging in Easy Activities: Try to avoid any exercise that puts an excess amount of strain on your tendons. Moreover, before you participate in any strenuous activity, you need to warm your body and your tendons up, at a slow and steady pace. If you experience pain after engaging in any exercise, you need to stop.
  • Wearing the Right Shoes: When you exercise, your shoes should cushion your heel and reduce the tension applied to your Achilles heel. If your shoes are worn-out, or the wrong type, make sure that you replace them immediately. Finding the right shoe for exercising can be a bit of a challenge. Therefore, you may want to try arch supports in your shoes.
  • Stretching on a Regular Basis: Make it a point to stretch your calf muscles as well as your Achilles tendon soon after you wake up in the morning. Repeat the stretching routine before and after you exercise, to maintain flexibility.
  • Cross Training: Include high impact exercises like jumping and running, as well as low-impact exercises like swimming and cycling in your workout routine.