Remedies for Achilles Tendonitis

While treating Achilles Tendonitis, most doctors stress on the importance of self-care techniques. These strategies include:

  • Getting an adequate amount of rest, so that the tissue heals. This means that you may not be able to exercise for a few days or even weeks.
  • Applying ice to reduce the pain and swelling. For best results, the ice pack should be applied for around 15 minutes, when you experience pain, or just after exercising.
  • Use compressive bandages or wraps to control the swelling and reduce the movement of the tendon.
  • Keep the effected foot elevated, i.e. above the level of your heart. This reduces swelling in the feet.
Exercising is a very important part of Achilles Tendonitis treatment, as it improves circulation, promotes healing and prevents recurrences. However, it is absolutely essential for you to practice only those Achilles Tendonitis exercises that have been recommended by a physical therapist, or else you may worsen the problem.  Some of the most commonly recommended Achilles tendonitis exercises include:

  • Stretching with the knees bent, where you place one foot ahead before flexing the knee and ankle, while your heel is flat on the floor. This exercise helps you stretch the lower part of your calf muscles.
  • Stretching with the knees straight, where you need to lean against the wall, keeping your knees straight and heels on the floor. This exercise allows you to stretch the upper part of your calf muscles.
  • Working the calf muscles with the help of toe raises or by using a calf-strengthening exercise machine, to strengthen the tendon.