Causes of Croup

The possible causes of croup include:

  • Viral infection caused by the Para influenza virus (responsible for 75% of croup cases)
  • Bacterial infection
  • Measles, adenovirus, and influenza
  • Allergies
  • Inhalation of irritants
  • Acid reflux from the stomach
Risk factors of croup include:

  • Age: Croup mostly affects children between three months and five years.
  • Gender: Boys tend to be more affected by croup than girls.
  • Seasons: Cases of croup are more common from late fall up to the early months of winter.
Croup is highly contagious especially in the early days of the illness. Children can catch croup from other infected children by inhaling infectious droplets from the air. The infection can also be spread through touching infected mucus found on toys, personal objects and toys of infected children. A healthy child once infected by the virus will develop the symptoms of croup with two to three days. 
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