My 4 month old girl has croup and I noticed that milk makes it worse and I have noticed that. So what should I do? Is there any other home remedy?

Croup is essentially a viral infection that primarily affects children and infants. The respiratory condition will manifest itself in the form of a barking cough, the presence of an obstructive sound while the child breathes in as well as a noticeable hoarseness in the child’s speech. This is basically a result of the obstruction present in the larynx. Studies have shown that the condition affects about 5% of all children and will occur more often between the age of 3 months and 3 years. One of the most distinctive characteristics of croup is the rather a sudden onset of the symptoms – which will most likely take place in the middle of the night, while the child is asleep. Moreover, the symptoms will also appear to be less severe during the day while being more intense during the night. The affected individual will also see a noticeable decrease in the intensity of the disorder with every passing night. Most children affected by croup will also experience the onset of a fever that is normally not very high, but could go up to a dangerous 104 degrees Fahrenheit, if ignored.

The basic fact however is that every parent will get overworked by even the most common symptoms of medical complications affecting their baby. This is completely understandable and one should be very careful when treating any of the conditions on their own. The first course of action should be to visit your family doctor for an opinion and a few diagnostic tests to be carried out. Once it has been established that the child is suffering from croup, it helps to know that since the condition is caused by a virus, the use of antibiotics is not going to help too much. There are a number of home remedies that you could try to treat the condition effectively. For example, you could try creating a steam room in your bathroom by running water from a tap or shower at the highest temperature possible. Sit in the steamed room for a period of about 15 minutes with your baby in your lap, gently reassuring her while she inhales the warm, steamy air. The use of a humidifier is especially beneficial and purchasing one and placing it in your baby’s room will help tremendously in the treatment of croup. It is also important to make sure that your child gets enough vitamin C to help boost the immune system and help fight the infection.

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