April 1, 2008

Who is at Risk for Getting Ringworm?

Posted in Category : Natural Cures

The answer is that anyone can get this irritating fungal infection of the skin. Some people mistakenly believe that those that contract this contagious skin infection must practice poor personal hygiene. While this can happen, most likely, the reason you got ringworm is because you came in contact with someone or something that carried the fungus.

It is very easy to spot a case of ringworm. It leaves a red, patchy circle on the skin—and it could happen anywhere on the body. Some people find them on their arms and legs, torso, feet or even the scalp. Mild cases may only cause one or two patches, but a severe case can leave a person with these places all over the body. Children, men, women and even pets can get ringworm.

Most of the time, if you have ringworm, it means that you have come in contact with the fungus either by direct contact with someone else that has it or by touching something that is infected. For example, direct skin-to-skin contact is the easiest way to get ringworm, but you can also touch a cat or dog with it and become infected. Hats, brushes, combs, stuffed animals, shower, bathtub and phones are all places where you might contract the fungus. In fact, in some cases, touching soil that has been affected can also cause you to break out.

It is quite common to see outbreaks of ringworm in places where people come in constant and close contact with others. Daycares, schools, and nursing homes all top the list. Gyms and close contact sports, such as wrestling may also cause outbreaks. If you find yourself with a case of ringworm, don’t panic. There are many great over the counter treatments that can get rid of your infection in no time.