My 20 month old son has ringworm on his face, I heard that nail polish suffocates the ringworm and is a home remedy. Does it work? Is this safe?

A common, though highly infectious skin disease, ringworm usually occurs on the scalp, face, body, feet and nails causing pink scaly rings and severe itching in the affected regions. Extremely contagious it spreads easily through body contact. Ringworm occurs due to excessive sweating, skin wounds, wearing unwashed clothes and sharing combs with infected people. It can also be passed on by pets such as dogs and cats. Children are more susceptible to ringworm because they do not have the protective layer of fatty acids on their scalp. Spreading on the scalp, the disease enters into the hair roots, leading to hair fall and eventually bald spots on the scalp.

There are many home remedies recommended for ringworm, included the application of un-perfumed nail polish remover on the affected parts. However it is recommended to avoid these treatments that could or could not work, and might even lead to other problems since the effectiveness depends on the person's constituency and acceptance of the remedy. It is a better idea to opt for natural treatments since they are safer. Slices of raw papaya or a paste made with dried papaya can be rubbed on the affected regions. Application of mustard seeds paste on the ringworms and washing it off with warm water is said to be beneficial in treating the ringworms. The juice of the leaves of cassia tree applied to the ringworm patches soothes the skin irritation and reduces the itching and swelling. Turmeric juice can be applied directly on the affected regions or consumed orally with some honey. The application of the juice of basil (tulsi) leaves is also very beneficial in treating ringworms.

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