What medicines need to use for 13 years children for viral fever?

As a parent it is natural to be worried if your child is suffering from a fever. Viral fevers however are a very common occurrence due to the different types of causing viruses present in the air.  Besides this other factors such as changes in environmental conditions, weak immune system, stress, and so on could also cause a fever in children. However, since viral fevers are such a common condition to be suffering from, there are also a number of home remedies that will help cure them. In all likelihood, the viral fever is only likely to persist for a few days to a week before the condition is beaten by the body. However you could always make use of certain home remedies that will help give your child some relief from the symptoms and also help in faster healing of the fever. These home remedies for fever in children include:

  • Soups made from raw garlic and onion is highly recommended because of the very potent anti bacterial as well as anti fungal properties of both ingredients.
  • Consumption of linden tea is also known to be a very effective option, while a small amount of honey should be added for better taste.
  • Fluid diets are a very important source of nutrition when combating a viral fever as patients suffering from the same are likely to experience a lack of appetite.
  • Using vaporizers are highly recommended when suffering from a viral infection as it helps cleanse the entire respiratory tract – the region most prone to being affected by a virus.
  • Another effective and easy to conjure home remedy is to drink a lot of apricot juice mixed with a single teaspoon of honey. This will ensure that the body receives a healthy supply of vitamins and minerals as well.

In the event that the fever does not go away within two to three days make sure that you inform the doctor and follow his/her advice.

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