March 18, 2010

Tips for Treatment & Prevention of Prickly Heat

Posted in Category : Common Ailments

Prickly heat is the unpleasant result of excessive perspiration trapped within the body. The skin is covered with millions of tiny sweat glands. Some of these get blocked at times and this results in the sweat being unable to escape via the route it normally takes. Due to this, the sweat gets trapped beneath the immediate surface of the skin. This leads to the development of a reddish rash, which is typically known as prickly heat. Basically the result of excessive heat, the only way to get rid of prickly heat is to get your sweat glands to open up so that the sweat trapped inside the skin can be released. If you are looking for ways to get rid of prickly heat in very small babies, then you should just ignore it. This is fairly common because babies have under developed sweat glands which can clog quite easily. This problem takes care of itself beyond a point, and it need not be addressed either. Just ensure that you do not keep the baby overly bundled up, or tightly wrapped or swaddled. This can lead to excessive sweating and can only lead to more prickly heat popping up on the baby’s skin.

How to prevent Prickly Heat?

One of the most effective ways to prevent further formation of prickly heat is preventing sweating. If possible, you should be in an air conditioned room at all times. However, if this is not possible, at least try to remain in such an environment for a few hours each day. This too will make a big difference, as it will help the skin to heal in those hours. Depending upon where you live, you will find that there are prickly heat powders available over the counter. If you can find these, use them liberally. They are extremely useful in soothing the worst of effects of prickly heat. If possible, you should shower two to three times each day. This too will be useful in preventing your skin from sweating. Use a fresh citrus soap, which will also help to keep the skin cleaner. Application of calamine lotion will also help with cooling down the temperature of the skin considerably. You can also use tincture of arnica to apply to your skin. This will help with healing the skin too. Add cucumber and yogurt to your diet to help keep your system cool as well. Lime will also be useful in keeping the sweat at bay.