Chronic amebiasis

Is it related with jaundice? Is it a life threatening disease? is it recoverable disease?

Chronic amebiasis means a recurrent parasitic infection caused by Entamoeba Histolytica. It may or may not show clinical symptoms. It remains the third leading cause of death from parasitic infections in the world which means it could be life threatening especially if not treated properly. But it is curable.

Amoebiasis can be either intestinal or extraintestinal. The intestinal form affects the intestinal portion (specifically caecum, ascending colon, sigmoid colon, transverse colon, and rectum). The terminal ileum is rarely affected.

Extra intestinal amoebiasis is found in the liver, lung, brain, and skin. The most common complication is liver abscess. 6-10% of people with amebic liver abscess are likely to develop jaundice.

If you have jaundice it may not be due to chronic amebiasis. But people with extra intestinal amebiasis who develop liver abscess could develop jaundice.

With specific reference to your case, I would suggest you to seek professional help to address your queries.

answered by P P

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