February 21, 2008

Be Active and Vigorous with Sports Massage

Posted in Category : Massage Therapy

Sports Massage has been practiced for a long time in European Countries and is a most important foundation of care. Trainers and coaches in the US used massage for soothing purposes, particularly in boxing and track and field. The purpose of this form of massage is to serve as a preparatory tool to athletic events to enable the athlete to perform to his fullest potential. It is meant to rejuvenate and invigorate the athlete, getting rid of fatigue, to relieve any muscular tension or swelling, and to enhance flexibility and prevent injuries.

This type of massage works by stimulating the impulse as the massage therapist rubs the body. This impulse is then sent to one organ by nerve fibers and sequentially returned to another organ also by another type of nerve fiber. The simultaneous reaction of the organs leads to the stimulation, increased circulation and after series of rubbing, relaxation. This treatment is very effective to athletes who have been exposed to rigid training and may need a gentler treatment.

Exercise has good effects and benefits most noticeably for a person’s physical health. However, too much of it may cause the thin nerves of the body to break. Sports massage is very effective in this situation. This type of massage works gently on the capillaries which are actually the blood passage. Rigid activities cause capillaries to have adhesions and eventually, these adhesions will result to swelling. This is when the muscles start to hurt. You have probably experienced jogging exercise. On your first time, you could not even get up from bed due to severe pain in your muscles. It is believed that rigid activities hurt only for the first time. This is true but what most people do not know is that the muscles are just getting immune to the pain but deep inside, they are actually swelling. By sports massage, the capillaries in the muscles are gently touched to relieve the swelling.

Every sport puts different kind of stress on its athletes as it differs in its requirements. For this reason athletes engaged in different sports may use their muscle groups in different ways, this means that the therapeutic massage treatment provided must differ accordingly. Sports massage therefore differs for different athletes as it is always intended to address the needs of the concerned athlete.

Are you exposed to heavy and rigid activities? Do you often use your body for exercise and sports? If your answer to these questions is yes, then a sports massage is right for you.