April 10, 2008

Septic Arthritis (Infectious Arthritis) – Joint Fluid & Tissue Infection

Posted in Category : Bone, Joint & Muscles Disorders

Septic arthritis (infectious arthritis) is an infection of the joint fluid and joint tissues. The infection usually reaches the joints through the blood stream. Sometimes, the joint becomes infected due to injury, surgery or surgery. Viruses and bacteria are most common source of Septic arthritis (infectious arthritis). Additionally, age is the key factors for diagnosis of Septic arthritis (infectious arthritis). Septic arthritis (infectious arthritis) is one of the major bone related disease of the world, nearly 2 percent population in United States is affected by Septic arthritis (infectious arthritis). Therefore, it becomes essential to know more about Septic arthritis (infectious arthritis).

There are some reasons are useful to know if a person is affected from Septic arthritis (infectious arthritis), the Causes of septic arthritis (infectious arthritis) include infection by bacteria and it may be caused by viruses and fungi. Therefore, it becomes essential to know more about causes of septic arthritis (infectious arthritis) to prevent its serious side effects.

Sometimes, due to infection people may develop of septic arthritis (infectious arthritis) and it occurs when bacteria reaches a joint. It can get into joint through bloodstream or through surgery or injection, which directly contaminates the joint. The Causes of septic arthritis (infectious arthritis) commonly found in young children and young babies. However, hemophilus influenzae and gram-negative bacteria are common causes of septic arthritis (infectious arthritis). The gonococci, staphylococci, streptococci, and mycobacterium are the causes of septic arthritis (infectious arthritis). Due to weak immune system, people may develop symptoms of septic arthritis.

The descriptions of septic arthritis (infectious arthritis) include diagnosis of Septic arthritis (infectious arthritis) and it may include complete physical examination and complete medical history of the patients.

The diagnosis of Septic arthritis (infectious arthritis) may include removal of joint fluid to examine for white blood cells and bacteria and blood tests to detect bacteria. Sometimes it becomes essential to study phlegm spinal fluid and urine tests to detect bacteria and find source of infection.

X-rays is a suitable diagnosis tests to know more about spinal fluid and phlegm. It is useful to detect bacteria and viruses. It makes use of undetectable electromagnetic energy beams to create images of bones, internal tissue as well as organs against a film.

Bone scanning is a method to evaluate any degenerative and arthritis changes in the joints to detect tumors and bone diseases and this tests is done in the case of pain and inflammation.

The treatment of Septic arthritis (infectious arthritis) may depends on overall health and medical history of patients and extend of the condition. People those are suffering from Septic arthritis (infectious arthritis) symptoms usually go for doctors to take advice to prevent severe side effects of Septic arthritis (infectious arthritis).