I am 61 years old; during walk up a step I feel a quick pain in right knee. Is that arthritis?

At your age, it is not impossible that you have developed arthritis. However, instead of making a self diagnosis or trying to do anything about the situation yourself, you should first try and get a medical examination of your knee. This will accurately reveal if you have arthritis or not. If you do have the beginnings of arthritis, then you are advised to consult with a natural medical sciences doctor as opposed to an allopath. This is simply because naturopathy or any other holistic healing science will work towards removing the root of your problem and thus effectively getting rid of it. Allopathic medicine, on the other hand, has the aim of suppressing symptoms and not really tackling the problem from the root. So while you may stop experiencing the pain and discomfort for some time, it is possible that the problem will not go away. You can make the choice and see which works better for you.

In case you are diagnosed with arthritis, you need to make some easy changes in your lifestyle and dietary habits to check the problem right at the onset. You should refrain from eating all sorts of sour foods, which will contain high quantities of citric acid. Citric acid has the tendency to gradually gnaw away at our bones and joints over a period of a lifetime. If you have arthritis, you can be sure that your joints have already been worn away enough. You can do well not to add to it. The other thing you should start doing if you have arthritis is also to try and do a Yoga course. This will help you out in terms of not only controlling your disease, but also reversing it to some extent. There are plenty of Yoga aasans that can help to treat this particular ailment. Make sure you manage to join a good course of get a properly qualified instructor. In case you are overweight, this is also another thing you need to be checking. If you are arthritic and overweight, the combination is quite harmful. The reason for this is that your skeletal structure is already taxed due to the extra weight, and arthritis taxes it further. You should try extremely hard to lose weight in this case, as this will not only help you, it is also important to control the disease. If you do not have arthritis, your diagnosis will dictate your treatment.

answered by G R

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