February 29, 2008

Tantric Massage and Benefits in Healing

Posted in Category : Massage Therapy

Tantra is possibly one of the most misapprehend metaphysical applications in the West. Tantra is a Sanskrit language. It comes from the root word tan, which decodes as “to expand, spread, weave, spin out, continue; to show, or manifest.”

Tantric massage therapy is fundamentally just a massage. In spite of that, it was created starting with the certainty that if you are sexually contented, relaxed and happy then your health will have the advantage. The Hindus describe Tantra as accomplishing personal growth by pleasurable entity. It does tend to produce orgasms, but these are characterized as a bounty rather than the goal.

Notwithstanding that tantric massage therapy does not implicate actual penetrative sex, it does implicate full on touching of the areas of the body such as organs. It can be a unique experience. It appeals the body as a holy place and center of the spirit, aspiring to put us more “in touch” with our innermost selves; constant nurturing, sacred touch and affectionate. Tantra massage sessions consciously involves energy inward the second and draws forth chakras, creating its transformative and curative potential.

Tantric massage therapy can be very effective in concerning with injuries and impediments pertaining to sexuality, intimacy, and relationships. Both genders can have the chance to realize or come across fresh dimensions especially when the touch is not only sensual but is also meditative as well as purposeful. Tantra may fulfill and empower woman’s wants by accepting sensual touch from a man who is completely individualistic of ulterior emotions and motives. For men, on the other hand, this may open up a boundless new world of warmth and affection. For couples, tantra can make a more intimate and meaningful connection.

The strokes of the tantric massage therapy are highly sensual in nature, lighter, and slower. It uses long, fluid strokes to concentrate and move energy completely around the body. The whole body will be massaged, including those especially sensitive parts, such as the small of your back, the back of your knee, the innermost of your thigh, etc. Your energy circulation is stimulated and senses aroused as your body’s affectability increases.

In Tantric massage therapy, there is no observant, and nothing is observed. Without distinction to awareness, you become conscious of everything through experiencing singleness with all things. When you are in depth your individual idiosyncrasies, the universe becomes with you.

Experience real world through feeling and seeing the heart, which is not visible in all things. There is a boundary to thoughts, which characterize a boundary to emotional blocks, a boundary to disapprovals by the body. There is no more escaping, no more searching. In this contingency of receptivity, all things are in the meditation.