Can a herb called mayana cure eye ailments?

There are many home remedies for eye ailments, depending on the type of eye ailment that one is suffering from. Herbal remedies also play a role in the treatment of eye ailments. Some of the herbs that you could use to treat eye ailments are given below:

  • A herb called mayana is also believed to have healing properties when it comes to curing eye ailments.
  • Mayana is a fleshy herb that grows throughout the year to a height of about 1 m. It has thick leaves which are purple in color. This herb is commonly used as eye drops to treat sore eyes, or eyes that have become inflamed. Mayana is also believed to be a natural form of treatment for eye ailments such as cataract and glaucoma.
  • One of the simplest ways to deal with eye problems is to splash water into the eyes many times, throughout the day. This home remedy for eye ailments works best if water is splashed once in the morning and once in the evening. It is important to wash your hands carefully after treating each eye.
  • Another effective remedy which helps look after eyes and keeps them healthy is the intake of carrots. Carrots contain beta carotene which is required for healthy eye health. Eating carrots daily will help to keep you eyes in good condition and keep ailments at bay as well. Do keep in mind however, that many eye ailments could be a sign of an underlying health condition.

Do not attempt to treat any eye problems yourself. It is best to seek medical attention to determine the cause of the problem.

answered by G R

The scientific and clinical research is insufficient to answer this question. If you determine the cause for your "eye ailments" you have a much better chance of determining good treatments.

answered by Dr K B N

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