November 26, 2009

Prevention of Food Borne Disease

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There are a number of ailments that are pervasive and commonplace in the external environment. These infections are generally contagious and may be air, water, or food borne. The food borne infections are transmitted by the consumption of foods contaminated with germs.

Food borne illness may be averted through a regulated and well balanced diet. The specifics of such a diet are as follows:

  • You must keep your body hydrated in order to cure and avert the recurrence of food borne ailments. This is because the food borne germs may irritate your intestinal tract, causing loss of water from the body. You may compensate for the loss of electrolytes and body fluids with other fluids like fresh fruit juices, soups, and broths.
  • As the body weakens upon an attack of food borne infectious organisms, the physiological machinery of the body is enervated. As such, the consumption of a bland diet is recommended which is easily digestible and at the same time, nutritious. Opt for foods such as bland stews, cereals, broth, and porridges.
  • You must not consume processed foods, confectionery items, and excessive amounts of condiments.
  • You must not eat deep fried foods, chocolates, cocoa, and legumes.
  • In order to restore the efficiency of the digestive process, you should consume apple cider vinegar in warm water before every meal.
  • You may also consume lemon juice in hot water so as to cleanse the digestive system, thereby facilitating effective and complete digestion of food.
  • In order to boast the digestion process, you should chew ginger slices soaked in lime juice and salt.
  • Drink some mint tea along with ginger to relieve heart burn and nausea, the major consequences of food borne illnesses.
  • Avoid the consumption of raw foods in order to prevent food borne illness. Raw foods contain food borne infectious germs which can be killed by appropriately cooking the foods.
  • Avoid eating uncooked eggs, poultry, and meat. Make sure that your meat is always well-done.
  • You must eat a lot of vegetables, preferably in a boiled state to destroy the germs. Vegetables enhance the resistance of the body, thereby imparting immunity against ailments, including food borne diseases.v
  • You must eat fruits like papaya and pomegranate as these fruits are antibacterial in action and boost the immune system of the body, thereby averting the incidence of food borne diseases.
  • Smoking and the excessive intake of alcohol have a negative effect on the immune system and make an individual susceptible to diseases.

These are a few diet recommendations to cure and prevent food borne illness.