March 31, 2008

Signs of Pregnancy During Early Stages

Posted in Category : Women's Health

A woman’s body has to undertake a very fascinating process of fertilisation, implantation, development and growth of her baby from a period of conception to birth. The woman’s body is the dwelling place for her child for next nine months or 40 weeks.

A woman experiences the process of pregnancy with various surprising physical sensations. In addition, the physical signs of woman to this pregnancy period may be different depend on the stages of the pregnancy. It depends on whether this is her first, second, third or next conceiving period.

The first 12 weeks of pregnancy are known as the 1st trimester. In this period, a woman’s body makes the protective and nurturing environment to the early growth and development of her child. These are the obvious or quite subtle changes. In the early stages of the beginning of the pregnancy, a woman normally feels sick, tired and sometimes vomits a lot.

In most cases, a woman does not feel that she is pregnant until her menstrual period delays and it may be behind the regular schedule of its commencement. Therefore, when woman feels that her menstrual period is missed, she begins to wonder that she may be pregnant. In this menstrual missing condition, she feels strange and suspect for various abnormal changes in the body.

The early physical signs of the pregnancy such that pelvis discomfort, swollen tender breasts, tiredness feeling, bloated and possible cramping makes the woman confused. It is because these pregnancy signs are similar to the regular pre-menstrual signs in the days previous to a menstrual period.

These early pregnancy signs are also puzzling when a woman feels an implantation bleed, light bleeds or spotting during the starting days of the pregnancy. Therefore, it is very essential for a woman to consult the gynecologist and confirm whether these are regular pregnancy signs or regular menstrual physical changes.