I had a 32 days cycle for a long time. Since last 2 months i am getting 34-36 days cycle and I menstruate only for 2 days. Im getting worried, is this normal?

Treatment for reduced menstruation-

  • Please do not worry. Keep cool and check out with some gynecologist first. Every problem has its own solution. May be your progesterone is high or you are having a thyroid distress. May be you are just anemic or you are reaching menopause.
  • Do yog pranayam. Anulom vilom for 20 minutes is an ideal remedy.
  • Take a homeopathic remedy called pulsatilla 200 one dose of 5 pills at bed time for 4 nights. Then wait and watch.
  • Follow up with biocombination tablets like Ferrum phos 3x mag phos 3x, natrum mur 3x, 2 tablets from each 3 times daily for 1 month.

answered by D M K

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