Hard Bowel Movements

I have been operated in 1998 for piles now I feel back pain and I have got few drops of blood when I went for stool what can be the reason

A person might get petrified after seeing blood in the stool and instantly associate it with colon cancer or other such serious disease but the reason for this could be many. It is harmless most of the times and could be the result of an issue with the gastrointestinal tract or could be something serious. The most common causes of blood in the stools could be stress, eating a lot of food that is spicy and oily, intake of medicines for years especially those over the counter, habits such as drinking alcohol, smoking cigarettes, use of tobacco and so on. Certain problems related to the abdomen like food poisoning, ulcerative colitis or intestinal worms are also reasons for blood in the stools. Problems of hard stools or Constipation can cause anal fissures that could be another reason for bleeding. Blood in the stool is bright red in color but may also be maroon or black and tarry. The area from which the bleeding takes place also determines the color of the blood and it is said that the closer this place is to the anus, the brighter the red color of the blood is. Therefore, bleeding from areas like the rectum, anus or sigmoid colon will be bright red in color.

You need to ensure that you eat a healthy and nutritious diet that includes plenty of leafy green vegetables and fresh fruits and juices. You need to especially eat food that is rich in fiber as that helps considerably. Do not use refined flour, instead use whole wheat flour. Also, do not eat food that is fried and spicy or very hot and also lower your intake of coffee and tea. You also need to make sure that you empty your bowel whenever you feel you need to without delaying it. You can take a few rose petals, crush them with around 50 ml of water and have it everyday in the morning on an empty stomach for 3 days. Also, first thing in the morning, you need to drink a glass of water everyday as that helps. You can try having buttermilk after mixing some powdered black pepper and salt in it and have this daily for a couple of months. However, it is advised that you visit your doctor and get a check up done to find the exact reason for blood in the stools while a pain in the back would mostly not be related to the condition.

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