June 5, 2009

Diet Tips For Natural Liver Cleansing And Detoxification

Posted in Category : Common Ailments

The best way to cleanse your liver naturally is to go on a liver cleansing diet. It is important to know that the liver is the heart of all good health. If you have a weak or a malfunctioning liver, chances are slim that good health will stay with you. The main reason for this is that the liver is the filtering power plant of the body. Everything you consume has to pass a quality check before it becomes a part of your body. The liver is the quality check point. It will filter out toxic substances, wastes and other undesirables from your system and will allow only what is needed for your better health to pass through. Since this task is so huge in undertaking, the liver needs to be a smoothly functioning organ, otherwise, naturally, your health will suffer the most. You should try to go on a liver cleansing diet as frequently as you can. This will not only keep your liver in good health, it will also ensure that the rest of your body also gets a break from eating food that is neither required nor necessary. To start with, begin the day by drinking as much water as you can. This alone will be very useful in helping to clean a large part of your innards. Water has the magical tendency to flush out all toxins from your body by way of urination and perspiration.

You should spend the whole day on fresh juice and fruits and vegetables. Greens that are not cooked, such as cucumber, lettuce and spinach will be extremely helpful in aiding easy and uncomplicated digestive processes. Focus specially on asparagus, radish and carrot juices, as these are very helpful in cleansing the system of unwanted substances. You need to make sure you avoid everything that has the possibility of contain any chemicals. A day without chemical intake will leave your system fresh and revving to go the next morning. So try not to take any preserved fruit, juice or anything that comes out of a can. You should also avoid high fat foods such as bananas, mangoes and all meats. These will tax your liver too much and should not be taken when attempting to cleanse the system. You should also only partake of simple carbohydrates, which means avoiding all sorts of breads and complex carbohydrate based foods. If possible, spend a day like this at least once a week.