June 5, 2009

Diet for Liver Problems

Posted in Category : Common Ailments

If you are plagued with a poorly functioning liver, you can follow a regular diet that comprises foods that are friendly to the liver. While this list would include practically everything you eat on a daily basis, but you do not really have to make so many sacrifices. Simply embarking upon a healthy lifestyle in general will be of tremendous help. You should avoid eating meat altogether if you are suffering from liver problems. Meat is one of the most difficult things to digest and it can be extremely taxing to an already weakened liver. Try to stay off it for a good three months in order to get your liver in good working condition. And please be aware that this is the minimal amount of time it will take. You should also remove all chemically enhanced foods such as sodas, caffeine and all caffeine related substances from your diet. These will only add to the agony of a liver that is already not functioning in full flow. You also need to make sure that at least for some times, you are not eating any preserved foods. These will all contain chemicals that have been used to preserve them for unnaturally long periods of time and will worsen the condition of your liver.

You should try to subsist on a diet of fresh fruits and vegetables for as long as you can. Please do not forget to include adequate carbohydrates so that you do not suffer from weakness. This is important otherwise you may start suffering from other problems such as dizzy spells and fainting. It is best to consume at least 120 grams of carbohydrates in a day. If you are not going to follow this diet for over 10 days, then you can consume as little as about 50 grams of carbohydrates in a day for that long. But remember not to stick to such a low carbohydrate diet for any longer, as this may also cause a lot of damage to your health otherwise. You should also make sure you eat only simple carbohydrates such as unleavened breads and plain boiled rice. Try to stay away from yeast, as it will hamper the smooth functioning of your liver even further. You should also try to drink at least 10 liters of water everyday. This is important as it will help to flush your liver clean. Juice can also be included in this count.