Is there a good home made remedy for cleansing, detoxifying and to get a flat tummy?

Natural Tips to Detoxify the body

Your body produces toxins everyday that are flushed from your body through your excretory system. Since the major brunt of this process falls on your kidneys, a good detoxifying diet will help to cleanse your entire system while ensuring that there is no additional stress on your kidneys. Although there are various readymade detoxifying foods and beverages that are available at most health stores, it is far better to go in for natural homemade remedies.

Make sure that your diet contains plenty of raw fruits and vegetables. Although you may be tempted to prepare your meals (salads, fruit bowls, etc.) in advance, it would be advisable that you prepare your meals not more than twenty minutes in advance. Once you peel or slice raw fruits and vegetables the nutrients in them start to degrade. In most fruits, a huge amount of their nutritional value lies just below the skin surface, which is why you should avoid peeling fruits as far as possible.

Start your day with a large mug of mixed vegetable juice. Use raw carrots, beetroots and tomatoes; if you prefer a sweeter drink you can substitute tomatoes with apples. Your meals should ideally consist of a large lettuce, cucumber and lemon salad. Try to include citrus fruits in your diet as they will aid your weight loss program.

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