Home remedies for muscle injury

Muscle strain injuries are a common occurrence and are caused by excessive stretching or straining of the muscle. Normal daily activities that call for physical exertion can also be the cause of muscular injuries and strains, if excessive pressure is put on the muscle to perform the required task. Muscular injuries, however, are more commonly associated with people who are into sports training and rigid fitness regimes. A strain on the muscle is normally connected with the tearing of the tissues, fibers and tendons that are attached to the muscle itself. With a tearing of the muscle, the blood vessels that are in the area of injury can burst, causing bruising and pain because of damage caused to the nerve endings.

Symptoms that indicate tearing or strain of a muscle include pain, inability to use the muscle, or pain experienced while making use of the specific muscle. If you feel a cracking while the injury takes place, or if you have open wounds in the area of injury, it is best that you visit the hospital without any delay, to assess the damage and get treatment immediately. An immediate step that needs to be taken whenever a muscular injury occurs is the application of an ice pack to the injured area. Ice, being an excellent anti-inflammatory agent, must be wrapped in a towel and placed on the affected area for 15-20 minutes at regular intervals. Remember that the ice should not be placed directly on the skin. Heat treatment is recommended only when you are sure that the swelling has gone down completely, because if heat is not used properly, it can aggravate the condition and may lead to internal hemorrhaging. garlic has been used extensively in the treatment of muscle tears and strains, because of its anti-inflammatory properties. Clove oil, applied to the area of injury helps to relieve the pain effectively and quickens the healing process.

One of the most important methods of treating a muscle strain or injury is to ensure that the muscle gets ample amounts of rest. Undertaking activities that would cause you to use your right arm extensively would be of no help in restoring the muscle to its capacity of work. Any strenuous activity or exercise should be avoided till the muscle recovers completely. Any muscular injury, however, should not be considered as a minor injury, as the time taken for healing is longer than the time taken for healing of an open wound.

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Feverfew and maybe some catnip (Organic if poss). The feverfew (1g) should be taken with fat, such as organic coconut milk. Also, cook in coconut oil. It's better for you, higher smoke point, and is an anti-inflammatory and antiviral. (antiviral uncooked).

Ice water, then a little warm for instant help, otherwise. Either way, contact your doc or natural doc.

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