I keep getting a muscle or something popping out my left side bad & painful below my ribs it sticks out to where you can see it with no problem. It worries me & my wife, is this just a muscle spasm ?

  1. It may be a muscle spasm but can be some type of herniation, like diaphragmatic etc. Please do a thorough check up.
  2. Please do lot of deep and slow breathing and meditate for 10-15 minutes daily morning and night. See the movement of the chest and diaphragm and also feel the inhalation and exhalation movements of the lungs.
  3. Take a homeopathic remedy called Rhododendron 30, 5 pills, 2 times daily for 10 days. Then follow up with another remedy called Rhododendron 200, 5 pills once daily for 5 days then stop all remedies and wait and watch.

answered by D M K

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