I Have Giddiness and Sweating During Menstruation Period. Why Does It Arise?

While the symptoms you have described are not completely normal by any stretch of imagination, they are not completely unheard of either. You need to keep in mind that during your menstrual cycle, your body is not only bleeding, it is also suffering from the disintegration and rupture of the lining of the walls of the uterus. While the only outward manifestation of this kind of trauma is experienced in mild cramps, sometimes the symptoms may be exaggerated. Some women also experience all kinds of severe effects such as the ones you have described. It is also important to note that a lot of women lose their appetites at the onset of the menstrual cycle. This leads to not eating properly or eating too little. In an already weakened state, this can actually cause giddiness due to weakness. Rather than resorting to medication for this problem, you are advised to bring about a few simple changes in your lifestyle which will lead to a permanent change in the state of your health when you are having your period. Maintain regular meal times and have a proper nutritious diet. Regular exercise can work wonders and can completely change the menstrual cycle experience for you each month.

If possible, you should try to get in about a steady 30 minutes of exercise every day. If you cannot do anything too strenuous, you can go for a brisk walk outdoors. This alone will make a very significant difference. If possible, try to opt for doing Yoga each morning. This will not only help to maintain perfect body balance and structure, it will also help to control your faculties more effectively. If possible, try and find an educated instructor who will be able to show you correctly how the exercises are done. You should also try and cut back on eating excessive sugars while you are suffering from your monthly period. This will not only add to your weight, it will also make you feel worse. Similarly, all caffeine and caffeine related products should also be avoided completely. Try to eat simply, so that you are at least not troubled with the added problem of indigestion, which is also very common when suffering from the period. Stick to green leafy and fresh fruits and vegetables as much as you can. These are the best things to be eaten during this time of the month.

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