February 29, 2008

Postmenopause – The Last Stage Of Menopause

Posted in Category : Women's Health

Postmenopause is the last stage in menopause. It is the new phase in your life after menopause. You get relief from hot flashes and heavy bleeding. It is the time when the pain due to menopausal changes has faded. There is a great joy in reaching postmenopausal phase. Hot flashes become milder or less frequent. Emotional and energy levels are stabilized. Most women regain their natural voice in this stage. As postmenopausal period starts there is rise in level of follicle stimulating hormone. Estrogen production shifts from ovaries to fat cells. This is a major change occurring in postmenopause.

During postmenopause, ovaries start shrinking in size but they never disappear. Ovaries still have an important role to play in this stage as hormones are still being produced there. Good health habits during menopause to reach postmenopause. A healthy person passes through menopausal phase with fewer problems.

During postmenopausal phase nutritious diet rich in calcium is a must. Weight bearing exercise help to maintain good health. Regular medical checkups that include bone density scans are also a must during postmenopause.

Women who take hormone replacement therapy during the perimenopausal phase can continue it through postmenopausal phase.

Whatever postmenopausal women choose for their health, the decision should benefit their health. Before choosing any method during postmenopausal phase consultation with the doctor is a must. No woman should be forced to choose any option. Depending on their specific needs they should make use of some mainstream medicines.

Post menopausal women should try to do all those things they had dreamt about. Postmenopausal phase is the beginning of happy days as these people had suffered a lot during menopausal phase. There is absolutely no need of pads that used to control bleeding in menopausal stage. This is a stage of life where a woman can relax and be free of all menstrual or menopausal symptoms.