February 18, 2008

How to Use Massage Table & Its Benefits

Posted in Category : Massage Therapy

A massage table may only look like an ordinary piece of equipment but this is actually one of the more important and vital tools being used by massage therapists. Almost all massage therapies employ a massage table, with the recipient having to lie down for his or her massage. This is therefore one of the most important of all your furnishings and it should provide the utmost comfort to the person receiving the massage, while being convenient for the masseuse. Massage sessions are often done on a massage table plainly because its main purpose is just that – to serve as the best place where a patient can lie down and leave it all up to his or her therapist to do his or her magic in relieving stress and body pain.

There are a wide variety of massage tables available in the market, like stationary, portable, and electric lift massage tables. Portable tables are relatively inexpensive and ideal for the home or office. In the past, massage sessions were done anywhere a person can sit or lie in the manner a massage therapist would ask him or her to. However, due to the need for more relaxation, this has not been enough. Massage therapists have seen this as well and so they have come up with a better way to offer massage. Manufacturers, in the long run have seen this form of business coming up with different types of table. Nowadays, three common types of tables are found in the market; stationary, electric lift and portable.

Not because tables are widely available in the market; spa owners and massage therapists can just pick one for their spa. They still have to consider which type of service they would like to offer. Stationary tables are usually for full body massage where the customer will just have to lie down on the whole session. Portable table is mainly for home use where you can just take it anywhere you wish to have your massage and the electric lift table is used for massage that requires the customer to move during the session.

In choosing a massage table you must consider the strength, stability, density of the foam, durability of the vinyl, versatility and affordability. These also come with different types of accessories like Adjustable face rest, Face hole, Pregnancy table option, Arm rest shelves and foot rest.

Indeed, massage will never be as relaxing as it is today without the comfort of massage tables.