September 30, 2009

Home Remedies And Diet To Prevent Bowel Obstruction

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Bowel obstruction occurs when either the small intestine or large intestine is physically blocked because of some reason. Since intestines are responsible for digestive process, their obstruction hampers digestion causing problems like toxic build up. The common signs of bowel obstruction are abdominal pain, vomiting and constipation. Usually, the pain corresponds with the part that is obstructed. In case of the large intestine (colon) getting obstructed, there are spasms that last for a few minutes. There are many reasons for the bowel to be obstructed. The primary reason is eating foods that cannot be digested easily. This causes a buildup of something known as mucoid plaque in the inner walls of the large intestine. This build up leads to bowel malfunction. Smoking and consuming alcohol are also reasons that add up to the obstruction, since both the habits make digestion difficult. If there is too much vomiting because of bowel obstruction, it causes dehydration, making the waste in the colon even more difficult to be got rid of. A very severe case of bowel obstruction causes inflation of the abdomen and may need a surgery or an invasive treatment like enema.

Prevention of Obstructed Bowel

In order to prevent bowel obstruction, one must eat fibrous foods, especially green leafy vegetables and fresh fruits and juices and drink lots of water every day. Working out everyday for about 30 minutes also keeps the bowel clean. Avoid excessive sugar, processed, oily and starchy food. White flour, especially, is bad for the bowel. Also, don’t sleep for at least two hours after dinner. Taking a stroll after eating also helps digest food. If you embark on an all-fruits and juices diet once a week, it will be good for cleansing the colon.

There are many home remedies that will keep your intestines clean and free from obstruction. The easiest one is eating an apple every morning. The bowel obstruction will be cured in a few days. Another effective remedy is drinking a cup of lemon tea with honey added to it. You can also drink a glass of boiled and cooled water with honey in it every night before going to bed. Drinking a glassful orange juice every morning will also ensure that all the accumulated waste will be expelled from the intestines. Mixing one teaspoon of mint juice and lime juice each with a small amount of ginger juice and black salt is a good remedy too.