Natural foods for bowel cleansing

It is sometimes thought that toxins and waste accumulate inside the bowels and also inside the body in general, and this build up is harmful for the body, causing several diseases and health problems. A bowel cleanse is a treatment that is recommended in order to prevent these negative effects; it is claimed that bowel cleansing techniques and various detoxification methods get rid of these harmful materials from the bowels and also from the rest of the body. However, there is no scientific evidence that any toxic substances and waste accumulate in the body, and most supporters of bowel cleansing and detoxification do not specify exactly what these substances are and how they harm the body.

Our bodies are built to process and get rid of all waste and any toxic by products. The digestive system not only digests food; part of its function is to get rid of waste - whatever cannot be digested, and also any toxic substances. If any waste or toxic substances enter the blood, there is still a process by which they are eliminated. Certain toxic substances are created by our cells themselves as a by product of natural processes, and these too are naturally eliminated.

There is therefore no need for us to perform any additional cleansing of the body or the digestive system. Whatever cleansing is required is done through natural processes. If you consume substances that are harmful for you, these substances are also excreted by the body, and the only thing that remains is the damage that the substances have done. Fat and cholesterol of course remain till they are burnt, but these substances cannot be removed by a bowel cleanse or detoxification. The best approach therefore is to avoid consumption of harmful substances in the first place, rather than damaging your body and then using doubtful methods to attempt a clean up.

answered by M W

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