March 19, 2010

Herbs for Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Posted in Category : Natural Cures

There are no herbs you can consume to take care of IBS, or irritable bowel syndrome. However, there are some steps you can take to cure yourself of this unpleasant and sometimes embarrassing problem altogether. The first step in this long process is to find out why exactly you are suffering from IBS to start with. For a lot of people, IBS is just an unpleasant side effect of loose stools that are not fully ejected from the bowels. If you happen to be one of those cases, then you need to look for ways to harden up your stools. You should eat some more of non-fibrous foods in order to achieve this effect. Cut back on milk, as it is a natural and mild laxative. Go easy on fresh and fibrous vegetables and fruits for a while. Add more of simple carbohydrates to your meal to see if this works for you. Try this diet change for a week. If it shows no results, you will need to look elsewhere. If you are an excessive spice eater, then too you may find yourself suffering from IBS. Simply remove all spices from your diet and watch yourself for a few days. This should work, and if it does not, then it is quite obvious that this is not part of the problem either.

If you are suffering from IBS due to gastrointestinal problems, then you should control your symptom with herbs such as fennel seeds and leaves. These would be the most useful in treating IBS, as they work to regulate your intestines. You can also try to take a dosage of psyllium husk. This is another natural her which helps to firm up your stools and will be extremely useful in controlling the worst of irregular bowel movements and all other things related to it. Alfalfa is another herb which is found to be extremely useful in controlling all intestinal as well as digestive disorders. It is also sometimes a recommended cure for IBS. If you can find it fresh, you need to take it fresh for excellent results. Even otherwise, alfalfa will be extremely helpful in aiding good health. Another really good herbal condiment you can mix up and keep is ginger and honey. Take fresh ginger and squeeze it for juice. Take an equal quantity of honey and mix well. This can be had all day to prevent the worst of the symptoms.