Question on Sweat Glands: I was told by a doctor that I could have my sweat glands removed from the places that I constantly get boils. Is that true? If so, does it work?

Sweat glands are responsible for producing sweat and play a vital role in regulating body temperature through water evaporation from the skin surface. There are two types of sweat glands eccrine glands and apocrine glands. Eccrine glands are present in our body since birth and apocrine glands are developed at a later stage in life.

Eccrine sweat glands consist of ducts which create sweat and provide a reaction to psychological stimulus whereas apocrine glands contain pheromones that are responsible for sexual attraction towards the opposite sex.

It is believed that during summers or because of over sweating, some boils occur on several places on the body mainly under the arms, on the face, neck and shoulder. These boils are a result of plugged sweat glands that are hit by an infection.

These infectious sweat glands can be removed to prevent spread of infection and repeated occurrence of boils. Skin is an integral part of the immune system and if your skin gets erupted or damaged by forming scrapes, cuts, or breaks, it often results in abscess or boils.

Removal of sweat glands is a good cure for getting rid of boils caused due to plugged sweat glands. You can do so by liposuction, excision, curettage and ENS. This removal is good for preventing boils which is associated with various complications. Some of the nasty complications include higher risk of infection or allergies to the patient, artery damage, chronic pain and eye disorder.

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