May 28, 2008

Home Remedies for Herniated Disc

Posted in Category : Bone, Joint & Muscles Disorders

Herniated disc-What is it and what can you do? Spongy discs are present between the adjacent vertebrae in the spine. They work as shock absorbers in the spine and thus are very important. However, they may be damaged due to some reason and thus the shock absorber between the neighboring vertebrae is lost. Therefore, nerves present in between such vertebrae are pressed in between them and therefore the patient experiences pain. In addition to this pain may also arise due to release of some chemicals from the damaged discs. Such condition is collectively called herniated disc.

The common symptoms of herniated disc include pain in the back and in the other parts of body as well. Therefore doing some thing to get relief from such pain herniated disc is very important.

The first thing that should be done by a patient of herniated disc is diagnose it. The doctor will first consider the symptoms. The patients should correctly tell whatever symptoms he or she is facing. The common symptoms are pain in back and some other parts of the body, while occasionally some symptoms like irregularity and loss of control over bowels, damage to bladder, and weakness in legs.

If the patient has the symptoms, which point towards herniated disc the doctor may advise the further tests. The doctor can correctly diagnose herniated disc with the help of symptoms alone. However, tests as MRI and CT scan can be done for confirmation.

In most of the cases, herniated disc is cured naturally with time. Therefore, in many cases where the symptoms are not that severe no external help is required. However, several things can be done in order other aid the healing.

The most important among them is rest. In the condition of a herniated disc, the back should be given a complete rest. Care must be taken that no pressure is experienced by the back. On the other hand, it has been found that little activity involving the back can actually help in the cure. Moreover, patients can do some light exercises involving back. However, it is advisable that this is done under the supervision of the doctor.

There is no medication available, which can heal herniated disc. Medications are available only to cure the symptoms as pain etc. however as the symptoms are troublesome the medications which relieve the patient from them are very important. Surgery too, is not recommended for treating herniated disc. It is done only for correcting the complications if any.

Some things as preventing extreme shocks to the back, good posture while sitting or sleeping, good nutrition, and regular exercises are may aid in preventing the development of herniated disc.