June 15, 2010

Pain Relief Exercises For Sciatica

Posted in Category : Common Ailments

Sciatica refers to a serious condition that is related to the nervous system where the pain is associated to the sciatic nerve that is present in the lower portion of the back and which goes up to the thigh. There are a number of causes for sciatica and an injury to the spine that compressed this nerve could have led to the condition. A disc that has been ruptured or osteoarthritis may also be the cause for sciatica. Pain is the primary symptom where the person experiences tremendous amount of pain in the buttocks which may further extend to the thigh and the muscles of the calf. The calf muscles may also feel very weak and the person would not be able to stand due to the pain which may be felt every time after a physical exertion.

Treatments for sciatica will be of no use if you do not take sufficient amount of rest ensuring that you do not strain your back, bend, flex or lift heavy objects. It is also necessary that you sleep on a mattress that is neither too soft nor too hard. Application of ice pack to the painful area is said to provide relief from sciatica pain. The use of chamomile is very effective for pain relief for sciatica wherein this oil can be diluted with some vegetable oil and applied and rubbed on the affected areas. Nutmeg is also an excellent cure for sciatica. You could powder the nutmeg finely, fry it in gingili oil until it turns brown and then apply the same to the parts that have been affected. Treatment of sciatica can be also done with the help of garlic wherein you chop them into small pieces and have it with a teaspoon of honey after every meal. Garlic milk is also said to be very beneficial and can be made by mixing fresh crushed garlic pulp to buffalo’s milk that has not been cooked. You could mix it in a ratio of 4 garlic cloves to 110 ml of milk. The pulp of Aloe Vera is a great remedy after it has been warmed and can be applied to the painful area as it provides instant relief but many might not consider this option as the pulp smells a lot. Acupressure is also used as an alternative treatment for sciatica in which case the acupressure points on the buttocks are pressed.