Treatment for cyst in spinal cord

If treatment is necessary, surgery is the only effective option for a cyst in the spinal cord. The condition in which a cyst, known as a syrinx, develops within the spinal cord is known as syringomyelia, and the specifics of the condition vary from patient to patient. For example, your only symptoms seem to be numbness and weakness of the thumb and arm. With some patients however, the back or legs may be affected. Other possible symptoms include headaches and diminished sensitivity to temperature. In addition, the symptoms sometimes progress, and in other cases the condition seems to stagnate. Therefore, surgery is not always necessary. In cases where pain is also experienced, medication might be required only to address the pain. In your case, no treatment at all may be required. However, this is a call that your doctor needs to take. You should visit a neurosurgeon for a diagnosis. If the condition is observed to worsen or if, for example, the cause is a tumor, the doctor will most probably recommend surgery.

Although this will be expensive in addition to being risky, do not try to avoid or put it off as you may suffer severe damage to your spine, which may not be reversible later. You should follow your doctor's advice carefully, and go for regular check ups so that any deterioration can be promptly detected.

answered by G R

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