June 15, 2010

Fungal Sinus Infection Treatment

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Sinus infections are a rather common occurrence that many people are faced with and can be very distressing. The major cause of this infection is due to bacteria, virus or fungi and sinus fungus infection is a more serious condition but is not easily diagnosed as it is a rare occurrence. The symptoms of fungal sinus infections are similar to those of a sinus infection but are confirmed after having a look at the overall health of the person. Symptoms may include a headache or pain in the forehead, nasal passages being blocked, fever that keeps coming again and again, breathing problems, a lot of weakness, pain that is experienced in the sinus cavities, nasal discharge and a persistent sore throat. You may also have to undergo certain tests like an x-ray to confirm whether you have a sinus fungus infection. Treating sinus infection is important as it can have a lot of effects on your health where you will not be able to do your daily chores because of the pain and discomfort that you go through. For fungal sinus infections, it is essential that you check your home for any fungal infection around as that could be the culprit.

A strong immune system plays a major role in preventing a fungal sinus infection and you can build on it only by maintaining a healthy lifestyle and eating nutritious food. Inhaling steam provides instant sinus infection relief wherein you can take boiling water in a bowl or steamer and take the steam in. Garlic is also said to be an excellent remedy to treat sinus infection as garlic contains a number of anti bacterial and anti fungal properties. You can even chop some garlic and put it in boiling water and then inhale the steam. Apple cider vinegar is known to be very effective in treating sinus infection as it includes potassium that reduces the production of mucous. You can add 2 teaspoons of this vinegar to a glass of warm water and have the same. Sinus headache infection could also be treated by acupressure where you massage the base area of your nose and the area below your eyes on the cheeks. It is said that surgery is the preferred option to treat fungus sinus infection in which case the fungus and tissues that are affected by it are removed and the sinuses are cleaned and drained. If a surgery is not possible, then the condition can be treated by anti-fungal medicines and drugs.