May 27, 2008

Fibrous Dysplasia: Causes & Treatment for Abnormal Growth of Bones

Posted in Category : Bone, Joint & Muscles Disorders

Fibrous dysplasia is a type of chronic disorder. It is a disease in which the bone expands i.e. it swells up. This happens because of the abnormal growth of the fibrous tissue. The patient who experiences Fibrous dysplasia may develop problems as, abnormal growth of bones, brittleness and pain, in them, etc. thus it is a serious disease and it can lead to adverse consequences.

Still the exact cause that can lead to Fibrous dysplasia is not identified yet. However, it is believed that, it arises due to some irregularity in a bone protein. The body does not make correct use of bone protein. This occurs due to mutations in the genes. Though it occurs due to mutations in the genes, it is not considered hereditary. Instead, mutation in the genes is thought to occur during the time of birth or during any later stage of life. In addition to this, some researchers propose that some substances may induce the development of Fibrous dysplasia. These substances cause fibrous dysplasia, when they enter the body of a person.

There are a number of methods, which can be used for diagnosis of Fibrous dysplasia. They are using X-rays, biopsy, computer tomography, and blood tests.

However, the good thing is that treatment is available for Fibrous dysplasia. However, the mode of treatment is decided by the factors as the age, health, medical history, extent or seriousness, etc. however, in all the cases the treatment will comprise of a surgery for removing the affected part and medication for preventing the reoccurrence.

During the surgery, the affected bone is removed and a new and normal bone from the other parts of the body is implanted in that in its place. Alternatively removing of the bone wedge and placement of a rod in the shaft of the bone may also be involved in the surgery. Thus as the surgery involves removal of the affected part it has a high success rate. It can also be useful in the cases where all the other methods as medications fail.

Along with the surgery, some medications for relief from the symptoms are also used. Apart from medication, the exercising and massaging the affected part may also provide some relief from the symptoms.

The treatment methods for Fibrous dysplasia have greatly advanced these days. Very effective options for medications are available. On the other hand, the surgical methods also have become probably safe. They will provide sure relief from Fibrous dysplasia.