My 11yr old daughter has stomach pains, dizziness, earache & aching bones. Could this be connected to coming into puberty?

Information on Puberty

It seems unlikely that all these problems could be related to the onset of puberty. The first menstrual period, also known as menarche, is usually experienced around the age of 13, but reaching menarche at 11 is not really unusual. Stomach pains or abdominal cramps could be due to your daughter's first menstrual period (or of course the subsequent ones as well), but if this is the reason then the pain should not continue all the time. If your daughter has not yet begun her periods, then the stomach pains you mention are certainly due to some health problem rather than due to the beginning of puberty.

Combined with the earache and, in particular the dizziness and aching bones, this might be an indication of something serious, so you should visit a doctor as soon as possible. There is of course a possibility that all these complaints are unrelated, so you should not worry yourself or your daughter until you actually get a diagnosis from your doctor. The earache and dizziness for example might only be due to a ear infection, and if treated promptly and thoroughly, it will go away in no time. Even in this case though, prompt treatment is advisable.

answered by G M

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