March 25, 2010

Treatment for Elbow Sprain Injury

Posted in Category : Bone, Joint & Muscles Disorders

A sprain of the elbow is not very common but it does happen if one or more of the ligaments are stretched and strained in the joint of the elbows. It can be due to an accident, a fall, too much of physical activity or over stretching, a twist in the course of lifting some heavy material and so on. Pain is the first symptom in case of a sprain in the elbow. This is accompanied by difficulty in moving the elbow, swelling in that particular area along with discoloration, bruising may also be seen after the injury and the person generally experiences a feeling of tearing from within.

As it is said, you must never force a recovery and therefore, rest is of utmost importance in case of injuries due to sprains and fractures. Do not exert and apply pressure on your elbow or involve yourself in doing any work that will increase pressure on the same as it might further worsen the condition. Apply an ice pack over the injured area as it helps in curbing inflammation to a great extent. If at all ice is not available, you can apply a packet of frozen vegetables to the affected area. Make sure you apply an elastic bandage covering the injured area all the time. Indulge in a nutritious and healthy diet that contains tons of proteins and vitamins and you can derive this by eating a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables. Eat pineapple on a regular basis as it is said to have bromelain which is an enzyme as it is known to reduce inflammation and thereby aids in getting down the swelling.

A hot water bath by adding little Epsom salt and immersing your elbow into it helps in the healing process. You however need to ensure that the water is hot. You can try mixing garlic that is grated and add it to almond oil and apply this on the sprain area as it helps in recovery. You can also mix lemon juice and honey together and massage this over the affected area. Drink a glass of hot milk that has turmeric added to it as turmeric has a number of properties that are not only anti inflammatory but also anti bacterial and that act as antioxidants. It, therefore, helps in quick recovery. To avoid any future occurrence of sprains, warm up well before you begin your exercise and tape some joints well with bandage before your sport or exercise to avoid any injuries.