Natural cures for swollen elbow

Tennis elbow, or bursitis of the elbow, is a condition where the elbow tissues become swollen. This can cause a lot of pain and may also restrict your movement. There are many home remedies for tennis elbow, but immediate medical aid should be received to control the inflammation. A cold compress can be applied on the affected area of the body as this will stop the inflammation and retain the ability to move the joint freely. Timely compression would help you mitigate the discomfort that you would otherwise feel.

You could also drink a glass of water along with some honey in order to treat the bruises and reduce the swelling. The burning sensations in the elbow and the pain caused from the swelling can be relieved by this treatment. If you have a fever along with the inflammation in the elbow, that too can be treated using the honey and water home remedy.

You can also consume an herb known as arnica. This is a very useful herb that can control internal swelling and prevent fever from setting in. Try not to massage the swollen elbow, as persistent massaging can damage the tender muscles in the elbow area. Keep using cold compress to reduce the inflammation.

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What causes swelling in the elbows?

Swelling in the elbow, also known as tennis elbow, is a very common condition, especially among those who sustain repeated physical injuries to their elbows. These injuries may be mild, but their repetitive patterns can cause the inflammation to become severe and painful. Falling frequently over the elbows or leaning over the elbows repeatedly are the two main swollen elbow causes. There are certain occupations that require a person to use the elbows repeatedly. Plumbers and miners, apart from tennis players, are also prone to developing this condition due to the constant friction that they experience along their elbows when they are working.

A one-off injury, which is very severe, may also cause severe inflammation in the elbows. A blow to the back of the elbows, or an accident involving severe trauma to the elbows may also cause inflammation in the elbows. Those suffering from arthritis may also cause the inflammation of bursae located close to the joint structure. An infection of the bursae may also eventually lead to severe inflammation in the elbow. This usually occurs when there is a cut on the skin that invites bacteria to enter into the skin and cause significant damage. A swollen elbow with fluid inside may also occur due to certain unknown reasons.

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What is tennis elbow and what are the causes of this condition?

Tennis elbow is a very common injury that affects a lot of people all over the world. This condition is mainly due to the strain and repeated injuries to the tendons present in the elbow joints. These injuries could be due to a severe trauma to the elbows or due to persistent repeated injuries to the joint. Tennis elbow is named so because this is a very common condition among tennis players. This condition occurs when you indulge in activities that involve the repeated use of the elbow joints. Some of the common activities that could potentially lead to tennis elbows include bending, turning, gripping, and extending and retracting the wrists.

There are other causes of tennis elbow including accidental injuries, overuse due to particular occupations, and infection in the bursae. The signs and symptoms of tennis elbow are always the same, regardless of the cause of this condition. The first sign of tennis elbow is inflammation in the joints. Even tiny tears in the tendon could eventually cause severe inflammation of the elbows. The persistent inflammation may eventually cause restriction of movement of the joint. There could also be pain in the elbows due to the tear in the tendon. This pain may become more severe as the inflammation increases.

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Are there any exercises that can reduce the swelling?

There are some exercises for tennis elbow treatment, which can help strengthen your elbows and improve the tone of the muscles. Not only do these exercises help reduce the inflammation and increase the joint’s range of motion, these also help you strengthen your elbows so that you do not sustain any further injuries.

For healing tennis elbow, you can perform a simple stretching exercise. Bend your wrist forward and then backwards to stretch the elbow tendons. You can perform this exercise in sets of 3 to 5. If your elbow is already injured, you may experience severe pain, which could possibly deter you from making these movements. Use your uninjured hand to bend the hand in the injured arm. Bring your wrist downwards using one hand and hold it in this position for at least 30 seconds. Then using the same hand, move your wrist to face the hand upwards. Hold this position for another 30 seconds.

Keep your elbows straight in order to stretch the tendons of the elbows completely. You can also bend your elbow to a 90 degree angle, and turn your wrist so that the palm is facing upwards. Now slowly turn your palm so that it faces downwards. Repeat this several times and hold each position for at least 30 seconds. It is best to consult a physiotherapist to ensure that you do not end up doing more damage than good.

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I had the same thing. I rubbed it, took Glacosamine, ( that takes a month or so to help, I used liquid that seemed to work faster) and went to the chiropractor. If you have a good one he can help you. My knee and elbow was hurting the same way at the same time and now they are so much better I do not notice them.

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